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Kelsey Robinson, Mortgage Loan Officer at Riverbank Finance LLC

“A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at her.” - Anonymous

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Kelsey Robinson Loan Officer

Kelsey Robinson

Mortgage Loan Officer

A southern belle born and raised, this Virginian relocated to the Rocky Mountains for college and self-discovery. After landing my first job at a local credit union, I have been in lending ever since. Transitioning through a number of roles in a financial institution setting has solidified my passion for the mortgage lending industry.

Have you ever had a life experience that left such a deep impact on you that it made you reconsider your life choices? This experience for me was purchasing my first home. At the get-go I felt rushed into a transaction that wasn’t right for me, and I felt like I had no one in my corner looking out for my best interests. It was all about “getting to close”, and “everything will be fine when we get to close”. Using blanket terms to pacify a concerned home buyer is never the solution. You want to feel heard and well-represented, and you also want clear communication so you understand what is going on in this whirlwind process.

Then again, sometimes it is not as simple as just buying a house. Maybe you are going through a divorce situation where you need to refinance, you have many debts in your name, and you just want to start over from scratch. Your need is no longer just to refinance, but to find a financial solution to tie up all of your loose ends. I have dedicated my professional life to helping others find the best solution for their financial well-being beyond housing needs. In conclusion, one size does not fit all and you need an ally willing to explore all possibilities. That ally is me.

NMLS: 1694454

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